Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Cow Cake for Samantha's 2nd Birthday

Cocoa & Fig was asked to make a specialty cake for a very dear friend's daughter, named Samantha.  All she wanted for her 2nd birthday was "cows."  When asked if there was anything else she wanted she replied, "baby cows".  Well, then what would be more fitting for her cake than a baby cow?  So here is what we came up with. It's about 6 layers of cake and buttercream that was covered with white fondant along with colored fondant accent pieces.  We also airbrushed some pink rouge on her for the party.

Minneapolis Kids Birthday Cake - Baby Animal

Kids Baby Cow Birthday Cake

Cow Cake for Kids Birthday

We hope you enjoyed your baby cow Samantha!  And we can't wait to hear what you would like for your 3rd birthday!



Becca Dilley said...

This is so cute! I actually squeaked when I saw this post :)

SweetThingsTO said...

so cute!

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